3 Factors That Move Bitcoin Prices Over $9.000

Bitcoin climbed to over $ 9,000 last weekend, so the value of the leading crypto currency rose by more than 150 percent.

Bitcoin, the most valuable crypto currency in terms of market value, saw $ 9,391 at Bitstamp on Sunday, the highest of the last 13 months, and has increased its value by 22 percent since last week ($ 7,524).

Crypto money market experts and traders have attributed the sharp price increases seen in the last six days to many factors. One of these factors is Facebook's crypto money GlobalCoin / Libra Coin.

Facebook Announces GlobalCoin / Libra Coin

Social media giant Facebook is expected to announce its own crypto currency called GlobalCoin or Libra Coin on Tuesday (June 18th). It is a known fact that dozens of giant companies support Facebook's crypto money project.

Many important figures, including Barry Silbert, founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group, believe this increases Bitcoin's value. In addition, the crypto community agrees that Facebook's crypto currency will increase the adoption of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Binance.com Closes Door to US Customers

Binance.com, the world's largest crypto currency exchange by trade volume, updated the terms of use of the stock exchange on June 14 to exclude all users in the US.

The announcement caused a sharp drop in Binance's own digital presence, Binance Coin (BNB). The price of BNB fell 12.8 percent on Friday to 25,209 Satoshi. The decline in BNB shows that investors are turning assets into Bitcoin. At least the famous analyst Alex Kruger is at this point.

Approach of Litecoin (LTC) Half-Life

The LTC mining award will drop by 50 percent after the Halfecoin (LTC) block rewards half, which will take place on August 5, 2019. This will make LTC a less common asset in general.

As is known by all, half-rations typically increase the value of digital assets because they make it difficult to obtain assets. Litecoin increased its value by more than 353 percent this year and supported the Bitcoin rally, one way or another.

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