Bitcoin Core New Update

Bitcoin Core is free and open source software that provides a Bitcoin wallet that acts as a Bitcoin node and fully validates payments. Bitcoin is considered a reference application. Approximately 96% of Bitcoin nodes use different versions of Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Core has released a new version of its full node and wallet software. Similar to the August 2019 release, this upgrade may be the latest update of Bitcoin before the expected halving.

Using the Linux kernel, Mac OS 10.10+ and Windows 7 and later, the new version has extensive support for the above-mentioned operating systems. However, there is no backward compatibility. The new version also does not support the Mac OS Dark Mode Theme. Major changes made by Bitcoin Core Version are linked to speed and security. First, some of the features that allow Bitcoin Core to run on systems with limited memory have been reconsidered. Development progress in this area can be monitored up to the Az Reduce Memory ”pool. As a result, up to 9% memory can be saved.

To increase the security level, some special features can be enabled or disabled for a particular available wallet. What's more, full node operators can now blacklist or whitelist some wallets. This gives you the option to edit the access permission of members connecting to specified interfaces or IP addresses. If access permissions are not specified by an address or by a classless cross-domain routing (CIDR) network, the permissions defined as hidden will remain the same as in previous versions.

What is Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin Core refers to both the full node (transaction verification) and the Bitcoin software user wallet and the team responsible for its development. Bitcoin Core is a direct product of the original Bitcoin software client released by Satoshi Nakamoto after Bitcoin Whitepaper. New versions of Bitcoin Core are released every 3-4 months.

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