Blockchain-based ID Card From Seoul, South Korea's Capital

South Korea's capital, Seoul, as part of a smart city initiative announced Blockchain-based identity card (citizenship card) will be announced. Mayor Park Won-soon announced this new initiative at the Korean Future Forum 2019 and the Blockchain Tech Show.

Won-soon said that many new technologies can bring great benefits and some have already been implemented in South Korea. For example, in Seoul, the voting system is being tested for Blockchain technology.

Won-soon also said:

One of today's global challenges is Blockchain, a smart city that uses innovative technology to lead the community in the future, such as big data and AI… We will implement a Blockchain integrated authentication system on the Seoul citizen card and provide easy access to various locations. By linking administrative services with ZeroPay, we will do our best to increase citizen utilization and convenience.

Blockchain-based identity services are becoming more and more popular. Microsoft recently announced that it will build a decentralized identity service called ION on Bitcoin Blockchain.

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