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After a week of consolidation, Bitcoin moved up strongly. The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 9,400 yesterday, the highest level of the year at 11:45 am and according to many analysts and professional investors, it may be preparing to reach new higher levels next week.

Experts Bitcoin Price Assessment

According to Thomas Lee, Fundstrat Global CEO, the bear market is over and investors may be about to put FOMO and Bitcoin into a big rally, as in the bull market in 2017.

Sensitivity to the market seems to have changed completely, and many crypto-money enthusiasts, such as Max Keizer, who hosted RT's Keizer Report program, believe that the $ 20,000 milestone will soon be reached once again and Bitcoin can rise further.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire says the market is preparing for a big bull run that will be triggered by the introduction of Facebook's crypto coin Libra Coin, and the Bitcoin price could reach $ 10,000 by June 21.

As the market value of Bitcoin has reached its highest level recently, the hashrate value, which represents the network's computing power, is increasing, and Bitcoin hashrate has reached an all-time high on June 14 with 62 million terahash per second. The more miners are involved, the more secure the network becomes.

Another indication that the Bitcoin network is highly efficient is the number of transactions. The daily number of active Bitcoin addresses has recently increased to over 1 million, and eToro's senior market analyst, Mati Greenspan, underlines that these two values ​​in the network are a positive sign for the Bitcoin price.

On the other hand, @XRPcryptowolf on Twitter believes that the latest rise was due to the Tether supply. Yesterday, 100 million USDT was released. This year, more than 1.5 billion Tether was released, which corresponds to approximately USD 9 million per day.

Whatever the reason for the rise in Bitcoin, the bullish trend seems to be continuing, and technical analyst @BigCheds had a golden cross similar to that of October 2015 on the 8 and 34-week exponential moving average. According to him, the golden cross that occurred in that period led to the seeing of the all-time high of $ 20,000 in Bitcoin in December 2017, and now a bullish run similar to that of 2017 may be in question.

After Bitcoin breaks the critical resistance level of $ 8,200, the next resistance level is around $ 9,600. According to economist Alex Krüger, if Bitcoin breaks this resistance, it could go up to $ 10,000, $ 11,500, and even space.

While Bitcoin continues to rise one-on-one to the highest levels of the new year, the upward trend seems to continue with the introduction of more Tether.

As Facebook prepares to introduce the new crypto currency, all eyes are turned to Bitcoin. People are eagerly waiting to see if the new member of the crypto money market will affect Bitcoin.

@Rhytratrader believes that Bitcoin cannot be stopped since it went above $ 9,000.

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