Trump's Statements May Raise Bitcoin

Millions of Americans celebrated Independence Day on July 4, while US President Trump made statements that the economic war was not over. With his recent tweets, Trump accused China and Europe of currency manipulation. “China and Europe are playing currency manipulation to deal with the US and pumping money into their systems,’ Twitter said in a statement. We will either follow them or we will be fools who sit back and watch politely while other countries continue their games. ”

Trump's statement uyma obeying them işaret points to the possibility that the US Treasury Department may intervene to weaken the dollar.

Alex Krüger, the crypto currency trader, said the announcement would lead to an increase in interest rates and stock markets in the US. Tom Lee from Fundstrat said that Trump should raise stock markets further, which will support the stocks.

While investors are turning to value stores rather than safer offshore islands, Bitcoin is likely to rise against the weaker dollar.

As a matter of fact, Bitcoin has increased in recent months. It was correlated well with the falling dollar and the trade war between the US and China. Like Bitcoin, gold has risen to the highest level of the last six years, as it is seen as a reliable stock of value-free, fiat money that cannot be easily manipulated by governments and manipulators.

In a world dominated by banking scandals, money manipulation and trade wars, Bitcoin seems to become even more valuable.

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