What İs Crypto Currency Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

The Modern Age of Digital Advertising

Advertising from street ads to billboards and television evolves and changes every day. At first, modern advertising seems easy, but it's not as thought.

There are search engine giants like Google and social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users. This is about 30% of the world's population. Therefore, advertisers and marketers flocked to social media and used a variety of methods to target their viewers.

In 2018, Google was the largest global advertising revenue provider that raised $ 120 billion, while Facebook generated $ 25 billion in revenue.

However, the best thing about digital marketing is that it's easy to get people's attention. Of course, there are annoying methods. For example, there are annoying pop-ups that no one can click.

To Promote Users

Before we go further and show you how bad the current situation is, we want to show you the general hierarchical structure of the digital advertising industry.

Imagine that you are about to watch a video on YouTube and that you saw an ad before this video started. In this context, you are the video viewer. The person whose video you want to watch is the publisher, and the advertiser is the advertiser. In this dynamic, you, the user, are interested in the publisher's content, and the advertiser is in the same domain as the publisher and wants to target you with the content.

Now, in this dynamic, the advertiser sells his products and receives the advertiser commission from the publisher. However, what encourages users to track ads at first? You can say that users will earn something for free. However, users don't want to sit and have fun with ads, and if they're lucky, they're probably interested in advertising.

Dishonest Platforms

In addition to users, advertisers and publishers, there is another platform in this ecosystem that we haven't mentioned yet. In the example above, Youtube is a platform. To maximize user attention and ensure that they are watching the ads they are interested in, these platforms have taken the event to another level. They began searching for users' private data and internet searches, and handed them over to scientists.

Using the findings of scientists' research results, they could deliver specific ads to the user precisely according to the user's needs. These platforms, including machine language and AI, can show you exactly what you want to see. When you search Google for en the best hotels in Konya ve and you cannot see that the ads on Facebook are filled with “great Konya hotels”.

So, the most obvious question to ask here is: ”Is that legal?” Yes… And no.

A company can analyze the behavior of its customers, but when they sell this data to another company, the situation becomes problematic. Now, why isn't it so ethical?

Literally, users' privacy is violated. You give the data that the user can willingly (or inadvertently) give you. On a silver platter, perhaps on a gold platter, you share user data with another platform.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token, in short, is a digital advertising token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The goal of the BAT token is to create an advertising market that will connect advertisers, publishers, and users centrally. The goal of BAT is to gain user interest and eliminate all other unnecessary spending on ad networks.

The BAT token takes care of the following:

It acts as an exchange unit by eliminating the broker.

Rewards users, publishers, and advertisers.

Users are paid for their interest in advertising.

Publishers receive a portion of advertising revenue as the norm.

Advertisers get a better return on investment (ROI) for their content.

The BAT team developed Brave, a browser integrated with the BAT system. The BAT token is the local currency to be used by the system.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

BAT has a high-quality team and it's only a matter of time before they change the world of digital advertising. BAT may be one of the most revolutionary projects in this regard. If this happens, the crypto currency can add value to BAT and provide high returns to its investors.

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