What Is RavenCoin (RVN)?

Ravencoin was developed with an open-source hard fork of the original Bitcoin code to efficiently transfer physical assets between the parties. It has been designed with this particular case in mind as an alternative to Bitcoin or ERC20 transmission protocols.

Ravencoin is named after the bird distribution system in Westeros, one of the fictional continents he created in his fantasy novel Şark Song of Ice and Fire, yazıl written by author George RR Martin.

Ravencoin stands for RVN. The maximum supply is 21 billion RVNs.

Ravencoin Mining

Ravencoin debuted on October 31, 2017. Mining became free on January 3, 2018, coinciding with the ninth anniversary of Bitcoin's launch.

Ravencoin has a progressive development program. The development of the Ravencoin platform and the new mining algorithm x16r are underway. This new algorithm is specially designed to tackle the heaviest mining pools and ASIC mining equipment. That is, RVN mining is not possible with ASIC mining equipment.

Ravencoin was not pre-mining. Ravencoin's mining is proof of work.

The Ravencoin mining award is automatically reduced by one 50 percent every 2.1 years in the 2.1 millionth block. Currently the Ravencoin mining prize is 5,000 RVN. In the next half, this prize will be reduced to 2,000 RVN.

Crypto Money Wallet for Ravencoin

The wallet you need for Ravencoin can be downloaded from the official website for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android (RavenCoin).

Who is Behind Ravencoin Project?

The white paper of the Ravencoin project was signed by Bruce Fenton, Blockchain consultant and Tron Black, based in Salt Lake City. He advised the Bruce Fenton, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and founded the Dubai Bitcoin Conference. Tron Black served as the key software developer for the latest Medici Ventures.

Ravencoin's white paper also mentions more than 430 anonymous Bitcoin developers.

Ravencoin's white paper mentions the debt of gratitude to Satco Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, and admits that their code is based on the UTXO Bitcoin protocol model. The special fork of Ravencoin's Bitcoin code includes the original, most importantly, distribution program, and various changes from asset creation and messaging capabilities.

In essence, Ravencoin uses a unique token system to move physical assets through Blockchain, which is prioritized. Mining is feasible, but is highly resistant to ASIC mining. Ravencoin also has a messaging system for token holders. Token holders who do not wish to receive messages retain the freedom to exit the system.

What is the General Vision of Project Developers?

The overall vision of project developers is to ensure that various assets move freely and securely using an open source code that can be improved continuously.

If the global economy is affected by actors using various Blockchains, the way the capital markets work today may change, Geliştir the developers argue. According to them, as boundaries and jurisdictions become more and more tradable, and trading across borders becomes more and more frictionless, they may be less relevant. In an age in which people can instantly transfer a significant amount of assets using Bitcoin, developers think that global consumers will probably demand the same efficiency for securities and similar assets.

What Kind of Things Can Be Sent with Ravencoin - Portable?

Developers include many examples of use in the project's white paper. But many of them are just a simple suggestion. However, physical assets such as gold, silver, fiat currencies, real estate, in-game currencies or e-tickets for sporting events can be sent and moved through Ravencoin.

Each entity to be sent is represented by an intangible token created by the Ravencoin platform user.

Is Ravencoin Safe?

Security is one of the most important goals of the Ravencoin project. Blockchain itself works similar to Bitcoin, so the safer Bitcoin, the safer Ravencoin. This security market value is provided by the strong mining community.

Ravencoin provides as much privacy as it is safe. Ravencoin distinguishes between a token owner's address and his true identity. This prevents the real identity of the owner of Ravencoin from being known.

Developers are committed to applying Ravencoin as much as possible when new and better technologies are available to secure their systems and protect the privacy of their users.

Context sentences for Ravencoin

In addition to the types of products that can be shipped with Raven coin, developers also provide a variety of usage examples of the system. Imagine an artist who wants to transfer ownership of a physical painting to a customer. Each of the tokens created in the Ravencoin system are associated with a unique name and serial number. This token cannot be duplicated or destroyed and acts as a digital ID for the physical table. Thanks to these tokens, the table becomes unique and special proof of ownership.

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