What Is SiaCoin?

Today, cloud computing takes an important place in our lives. Whether we share a task with our friends, look at the documents sent by the manager, or simply back up our Whatsapp messages, the technology we use will be cloud computing. This is where we come up with a brand new project for cloud storage, using Siacoin blockchain technology, Sia!

The main purpose of Siacoin is to prevent people from storing their files in data centers by central companies by paying high money. You can keep your data in services like “trusted” companies such as Google, Amazon, Dropbox, but let's not forget that in the recent years üler iCloud has been hacked ”with inappropriate personal photos of celebrities infiltrating the internet and your files are in danger at any moment. At this point, Sia project, which introduces blockchain technology, enables people to store their files on different users' computers. In short, Siacoin has emerged as a payment method for cloud storage solutions.

How does Sia technology work?

First of all, the users who want to host the files on their computer, download the program called Sia UI to their computer and become ready to store the file by integrating with the system. Customers who wish to store their files on the Sia network will then download the Sia UI again and select the files they want to keep in the cloud and set a fee. This fee is then transferred to the account of users who say “I will store files for this money üzerinde on the network, and the customer's files are encrypted and divided into thousands of parts and stored on their computers. This means that the customer pays low fees and stores his files on a cloud network that he can access at any time, and users can earn money by renting unused space to their customers.

What if the user shuts down his computer?

The developers of the Sia project also thought about this, and in order to avoid such negative situations, they first applied encryption to the customer's files and then split them into thousands of parts, developing each part to be stored on multiple users' computers. Let us explain the situation with an example for a clearer understanding.

As a customer, you want to store a recorded video on the Sia network. You have installed the program, selected your file, specified the amount you will pay in Siacoin and confirmed it. The program then encrypts your video into 100 pieces and divides it encrypted. He then finds users on the network who say “I'll store this file for this price ve and sends these encrypted pieces to 1000 different users. Thus, a track is stored on 10 different users' computers and it is still possible to access your files even if a computer is disabled in the system. Also, because files are encrypted and tracked to different users, users who store parts of your video can never access this data. This technology also makes it difficult for malicious people to access your video before they need to copy 100 tracks from the network and then decode and merge, which is almost impossible.

What makes the Sia project important?

Among the other blockchain solutions, the major reason for the Sia project to come forward is that it already has a working implementation. So you can stop reading this article right now and download the Sia UI program to store your files, or you can use your computer to save storage space you can rent. Unlike the Sia project, the majority of blockchain projects are currently only in the idea stage and it is difficult to find a product that works in the middle. That's why Sia stands out from other projects and Siacoin is gaining more value every day.

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